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Digital Forensic Investigations, Inc., located in Costa Mesa (Orange County), is a California licensed private investigation firm (PI license #26633), specializing in the areas of computer and cell phone forensics, as well as data recovery and computer and Internet security consulting. The owner, Mark J. Eskridge, is a 23 year former law enforcement officer, with 14 years of specialized training in these areas.

While many private investigation firms will list computer forensics and data recovery on their websites, they generally do not perform these difficult and complicated tasks themselves, but will subcontract them out to specialists such as Digital Forensic Investigations, Inc.

As a private investigation firm, which specializes in computer and cell phone forensics, Digital Forensic Investigations, Inc. can offer an individual or business the confidentiality, integrity and flexibility needed during the course of investigations which involve digital media. Additionally, Digital Forensic Investigations, Inc. offers responsive, one-on-one service to it's clients.

As a private investigation firm, Digital Forensic Investigations, Inc. is also able to offer forensic and investigative services to attorneys. With 23 years of law enforcement experience, 14 of them having worked as an Investigator within the Orange County District Attorney's Office, Mr Eskridge possesses the unique experience, knowledge and ability to assist attorneys with high technology legal issues.

Using the most advanced cell phone and computer forensic tools, Digital Forensic Investigations, Inc. is able to assist parents in monitoring what their children are doing on the Internet.  Email, chat and SMS (messages), even when deleted, can be recovered from most computers and cell phones.